G. K. Plastics Pvt. Ltd.


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About Us

G. K. Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in manufacturing of uPVC Pipes in the state of West Bengal. Since 1983, the year of its inception and acquiring of the uPVC Pipe plant in 1984 situated at Village: Rajhat, on NH–2, Delhi Road, of District: Hooghly, the company has not looked back.

"I-GRO" the premium brand name of the products of the company, itself symbolizes the significance of growth. "Your Growth Partner" is the motto of the company. It also symbolizes growth through "Irrigation".



"I-GRO" Blue Pipes and Screens made under this Indian Standard are used in bore-wells as casings and screens.

Column Pipes

"I-GRO" Column Pipes are a recent development. These pipes are used as riser mains from bore-wells.

IS:4985/2000 & IS:10124/1988

"I-GRO" Grey Pipes and Fittings made under these Indian Standards are used in supplying potable water and other liquids from one point to another point.